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Smart Recorder is a full featured recorder offering many features beyond what is available in the built in voice memos app. The Smart Recorder family of products has over 1,000,000 device installs. It has been actively marketed and updated for four years. Use it to record meetings, interview, lectures, classes, todo lists, shopping lists or even your kids voices. What ever the task, Smart Recorder is the ideal tool. Smart Recorder 7 is a version designed specifically for iOS 7 and beyond. It features a ground up redesign of the user interface. It produces high quality recordings and supports a variety of features:

- A large record button makes it easy to start and pause recordings

- A main screen with the list of recordings created, each with a play button for easy playback

- Tips and a comprehensive help system to get you up to speed quickly

- Background recording and playback (other apps can run while Smart Recorder is recording or playing or your device can be sleeping during recording or playback)

- Multiple export/import methods including: 1) Dropbox, 2) Email, 3) Wifi sync and 4) iTunes file sharing

- Multiple supported export formats including CAF, WAV, AIF and MP4.

- Generation of ringtones for the iPhone

- Add tags or pictures to mark positions in a recording

- Time slider/forward/back buttons to quickly navigate through your recordings

- Bluetooth and external headset support

- Auto pause/voice activated recording

- Variable speed playback with optional pitch correction

- Many system settings to control the behavior of Smart Recorder

- Stereo support

- Append to existing recordings

- Categorize/sort recordings

- No time limit on recordings

- Universal app for both iPhone and iPad


  1. *$0.99/min transcriptions

  2. *Results usually appear within hours